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2016 [M/V] Simon Le Bon – In A Broken Dream

January 11, 2017 (Aired Channel 5, Italy) December 5, 2016 (Performed Live at The Cinecittà Studio, Rome, Italy) In A Broken Dream Original Artist: Python Lee Jackson (feat. Rod Stewart) Every day I spend my time Drinking wine, feeling fine Waiting here to find the sign That I can understand Yes I am In the days between the hours Ivory towers, bloody flowers Push their heads into the air I don’t care if I ever know There I go Don’t push your love too far Your wounds won’t leave a scar Right now is where you are In a broken dream Did someone bow their head Did someone break the bread Good people are in bed Before nine o’clock OnContinue reading2016 [M/V] Simon Le Bon – In A Broken Dream

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