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2021 [Interview/MV] Duran Duran – Anniversary (RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate)

August 31, 2021 (Verona, Italy) Anniversary Come celebrate this union Come holy and unchained How do you know, stay or go Keep riding on the train What does it take beneath the skin To keep from letting go Some moments burned into the storm And some you’ll never know Oh, do do do do do Oh, do do do do do All our days Anniversary Celebrate Anniversary

2021 [Interview] Duran Duran – iHeartRadio

Talks New Album ‘Future Past’ Talk Working With Chai On Their Song ‘More Joy!’ Talk Working With Giorgio Moroder, & Erol Alkan On Their New Album ‘Future Past’ 2021 (iHeartRadio, USA)

2021 [Interview/MV] Duran Duran – Isle Of Wight Festival

September 19, 2021 (Seaclose Park, Newport, UK) Notorious / Anniversary / Come Undone / A View To A Kill / Pressure Off / Planet Earth / Ordinary World / Tonight United / (Reach Up For The) Sunrise / White Lines / Girls On Film / Save A Prayer / Wild Boys / Rio Interview: September, 2021 (Absolute Radio, UK)

2021 [Interview/MV] Duran Duran – Give It All Up, Invisible, Notorious (Today Show, NBC)

July 9, 2021 (Today Show, NBC, USA) Give It All Up We are pinned to an evening That’s running out of road As the last ray of light heads into dark If it’s closure you’re craving Some message in the code To fill the empty space in, with your mark Knowing that world, will keep, on turning, going on And we let the night, forever burn, when we’ve gone Burning with the stars, upon the lonely, on their way Know that life is heading, for tomorrow – today Invisible (Invisible) × 4 (Shy one) Walking by the wall(Shy one) The shadows will not fall(Shy one) Is silently ignored(Quiet one) Discouraged by the noise(Quiet one) Living without choice(Quiet one) Is aContinue reading2021 [Interview/MV] Duran Duran – Give It All Up, Invisible, Notorious (Today Show, NBC)

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